Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lively Leads : Hello, Bumblebee Bat

Good Evening !  Today, I am going to share a text written by Darrin Lunde and illustrated by Patricia J. Wynne that would be appropriate for Grades 1-3 and for students in grades 4-5 that need extra motivation to write !

This lively, repetitive text is full on interesting and engaging true facts about Bumblebee Bats. It makes a great read-aloud for Writer's Workshop and a wonderful nonfiction writing model for primary students. It is written in a question-answer format with attention-catching, full page illustrations and easy-to-read font. An example of the text is given below:

"Bumblebee Bat,
  when do you fly ?

 I fly before sunrise and just after dark.
 I don't like bright sun."

--Hello Bumblebee Bat by Darrin Lunde

The author has created similar texts with this pattern as well known as Hello, Baby Beluga and Hello, Humpback Whales. After working with this text, your primary writers will be ready to try one of their own.

Wonderful writing,

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  1. I love the style these are written in! Thanks for linking up!
    Emily, TRT/OG