Monday, May 2, 2016

On Your Wishlist or In Your Cart ?

Teacher Appreciation Week... one of my favorite times of the year! I love the handwritten notes, the hugs, the kind words from parents and more. In Massachusetts, we are in the middle of standardized testing with the PARCC test. A little extra love during testing and assembling teacher portfolios for evaluations goes a long way in my book!

 For two days, I am sending a little extra appreciation your way.  My store will be 28% off on Tuesday, May 3rd and Wednesday, May 4th for the TPT Teacher Appreciation sale!

 When it is the spring sale, I shop for items that I needed all year for my current students but didn't quite have the $$$ to get. I think about clip art, digital papers, fonts, and other items for my store because as a seller those items can be tax deductible. For my K-5 reading classroom, I purchase items that I need to fill in the areas of support for my students. In addition, these items can be tax deductible.

 My first priorities are:

 1. What items do I need to help with beginning of the year assessments?

 2. What items will meet multiple ages in the areas of phonics, fluency, comprehension and more?

 3. was there a group of students that I felt like needed more practice in a certain area? Is there a product on my wish list that can help me fill that gap?

 4. What are seasonal items that I love for games, scoots, word sorts & more but take a while to prep?

 Then, I put them at the top of my wish list!

I am linking up today with Jen who blogs at the Teaching in the Tongass for getting your cart ready to roll! 

Below are a few of the top Wish List items buyers have chosen from my store! 

The first one is the Gingerbread Rime Time puzzles which are popular around December holidays for Kindergarten Teachers. As students complete the puzzles, they can begin blending their first short vowel words together with the short “a” sound. It has 3 worksheets for teachers to differentiate the students’ responses.Perfect for a Literacy Center or RtI group !

 Gingerbread Rime Time

The second one is my ELA Test Prep game which is popular all year-round. It supports upper grade students (2-5) in understanding the vocabulary and definitions in common terms found on standardized tests. Students simply play a matching game or Go Fish with the terms and definitions.

The third one is the Barnyard Banter games which are popular all year-round. It supports students in decoding the “floss rule” words. These patterns are typically called “Floss Rule ” or “Double Letters ” because when (f, l, s, z) is at the end of a one-syllable word the vowel sound is short. Examples of these words include: cuff, muff, hall, tell, floss, bass, fuzz, buzz.

Thanks for stopping by !  I'm off to go get my wishlist ready ! 

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